Friday, January 6, 2012

EDITED: Yankee Candles First Impression and Review!

So I am on a bit of a candle obsession so I wanted to try Yankee.
 So I decided to get three small ones and to be honest, I don't think very much of them.
 So I got Soft Blanket, Chrstmas Tree and Clean Cotton.
Probably my favourite scent is Clean Cotton then Soft Blanket, which I am burning now and then I don't really like Christmas Tree. 

I am very particular about my scents and I think I have come to the conclusion that if you want gorgeous scents you need to pay for it. I will just have to spend 18 euro each time. 
But I will let you know how I get on..

I got this really pretty candle holder for 10.50. It is buy

RIGHT! So I have definetely come to the conclusion that these candles SUCK! Now to be honest I may be a bit of a candle snob but these scents are just blah!

Christmas Tree smells like a toilet duck tablet. That blue hockey puck looking thing.
It is horrible!

And the other two just smell generic and crap!

I hate them! I am going to Muji and other places to get some nice, proper scents.
I will definitely keep you updated on the other purcheses I make. I love candles and I am quite fussy but it seems like there is a load of crap candles out there! But I will find the nice ones! Promise!

So till next time!
Thanks for reading
P x

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