Sunday, April 26, 2009

Face of the day (:

Penny Shadestick
Brash e/s
Satin Taupe e/s
YSL Mascara

Mac Fun & Games blush 

Lip Balm

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Face of the day (: Fire Red

MAC Penny Shadestick
MAC Danger Zone trio - Red on lid Black in crease 
MAC Smoulder eye kohl

MAC Fun & Games Blush 

BarryM 101 lipstick 
C-thru lipglass 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New fun things

So I have recently found a new tv show 
The Inbetweeners, its hysterical!
I can't wait to see it tonight.

Twilight and Harry Potter movies 

Painting my nails 

Cream Eggs - I can't get enough!

and Macadamia nuts - yummy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Face of the day (:

Neutral Face Of The Day (:

What I Used : Face
No.7 protect and perfect beauty serum
TFSI (for under eye concealer)
MAC Select Cover-up corrector NW20
MAC Studio Sculpt NC20
MAC Blot Power - Medium 
MAC MSF - refined (on cheeks)

MAC Satin Taupe e/s
MAC Dark Edge e/s
MAC Liquid Liner
MAC Smoulder Eye Kohl (waterline) 
YSL Volume Effect faux cils 

MAC B-babe Lipstick 
MAC She Loves Candy lipglass (HK collection)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review Barry M Lip Paint 101

Barry M Lip Paint 101

Colour : Nude with a tint of pink
Consistency : It is slightly dry like most lipsticks  

I like it patted on as it is quite concealer like. It depends on how pigmented your lips are, if your lips are pigmented then to get a light pink look, all you need is a dab of colour.

Also you need moisturised lips otherwise it sticks to the cracks and imperfections.

I really like this lipstick its nice to have a pale rose lipstick.   

Review of 109 brush for foundation

The 109 is really good for blush and contour.
I tried it with my studio sculpt NC20 and it made me look orange at first, but it settles in and then its lovely looking.
Its definitely good at achieving the full coverage look and its a nice brush to apply your make up.
It gets into the small areas of your face like your nose and under your eyes. 
I really like this brush it gives great results, my parents thought i wasn't wearing any make up its great (:

Smoky Humid Look Without Using Humid

I like smoky looks so i thought id try a green look 

It could also be used for the seven deadly sins - envy 

I really like it so here is what i did 

What i Used :

Too Face Shadow Insurance 
MAC Sharkskin Shadestick
MAC Swimming e/s
MAC Smoulder Eye kohl
YSL Mascara 

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Palettes

My Newest Photos

New Photos

I don't know what this is but I like it

Builders boots, I like the way the were thrown

On top of my fire place, I love the light 

My Dog

I liked her eyes

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lush Reviews

Lush Stuff
My take on some of the products 

Tea Tree - Toner Tab
Small, smells like a refresher, has a really good clean feeling. 
Can reuse the water as Tea tree water to help prevent spots and they are really cheap! 

Cupcake - Face mask 
Mmm chocolate, supposed to be good for teenage skin but i just like the chocolate (: 

The Big Calm - Shower Jelly
LOVE! If you like Pina Coladas you will like
I love the scent coconutty and fruity 

Don't know what's wrong here :S

Gorgeous! I love this to exfoliate, Black current scent
Makes blue water, smells great i love it! 

Celestial - moisturiser 
Thick, smells like haagen dazs  vanilla ice-cream!
It broke me out but if you have normal skin it should be fine and you will smell yummy! 

Hair Care

Jumping Juniper - Juniper oil, lavender and citrus 
Nice smell, if your don't use conditioner, it will kill your hair trying to brush it.
Good on the go, but liquid shampoo is always better.

I love Juicy - Pineapple, kiwi and mango
Lovely scent, cleans well  

American Cream - Vanilla, creamy, moisturising 
really good conditioner.  

Massage bars
Fantastic scents, bit oily tho 

Therapy - cocoa and shea butters with a little lavender
I like the smell i think its also smells like Buffy 
I use it directly when i get out of the shower, it does leave you greasy but if you let it settle (watch a YT video or 2) it makes your skin really soft

Soft Coeur - Chocolate and honey secnt, with real chocolate inside
very rich, makes your skin soft and edible 

Mange Too - White chocolate and honey 
My favourite, smells great, good size 

Each Peach (and twos a pair) - doesn't smell like peaches or pairs
Citrus scented, not my favourite, i like sweet scented things.

Bubble Bars
Make the best bubbles

French Kiss - gorgeous lavender scent, very relaxing 

Creamy Candy Bath - Sweat scent, very girlie, definitely my favourite

Best smelling in my opinion 

                                    The Godmother - Sharp sweet smell. Pinky with sparkles 

Rockstar - Soft sweet scent - makes skin very soft

Ice Blue - It is fresh and citrus scented. 

London Purchases & Review

Twilight Bag Charm!

So cute! I love the lion and lamb charms.
Love merch! I wanted the Edward doll hehe 

Twilight 2 disc HMV exclusive sleeve 

I didn't want Bella on the cover, as much as I like her, K. Stewart's mouth annoys me 
Like the film, good extras  plus Rob :D

Harry Potter 1 

I have the rest so i thought id get this one 
Its silly but i love the movies roll on no.6!

Mac - 109

I love for contour and blush, small precise 
Does shed but what can you do 

Mac Brush - 150

Powder brush, large, little rough but soft at the same time

Barry M lip paint - 101

Bit drying, very nude, concealer like
As i have big lips it makes me look like a porn star :/

Barry M Lip paint - 129 

Creamy, very pigmented 
Looks a bit strange for every day use

Fun & Games blush (Hello Kitty)

Lovely for a pop of colour 
Nice for spring 

N.Y.C. Eye Pencil

Good for a line on dry upper lash line 
Fades, not good for waterline, 
difficult to apply over eye shadow 

2True Nail Polish - No.16 

Purple with pink, blue and green sparkles 
Pretty Colour

BarryM Nail Paint - Navy 

If you apply a base coat it looks really nice
Takes a long time to dry and i always mess my nails up 

Penny Shadestick (Sugarsweet)

Creamy, Smooth, Easy To Apply, Gorgeous Colour 

Select Cover Up Concealer NW20

Medium coverage, easy to blend out, light 
Doesn't cover my dark circles completely 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance 

Light, does the job well, good packaging 
I think its better than UDPP  

Satin Taupe 

Brown with a pinky/silver undertone
Very pigmented, good crease colour 

Refined MSF (Sugarsweet)

Gives a peachy glow, not too dark
Gorgeous with Penny Shadestick 

Smoulder Eye Kohl

Smooth, easy to blend, great on the water line 
Does travel down your face a bit 

B-Babe (BBR Collection)

Nice Barbie pink, not really every day 
Very sparkly 

I also got Lush stuff yummy 

Any questions don't hesitate ask (:

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