Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Look :)

I don't like new years but I decided to get all made up!

MAC Studio Sculpt
MAC Select cover up concealer
MAC prep and prime transparent finishing powder
The Blam Bahama mama bronzer (contour)
MAC Blonde msf (cheeks)

Base: MAC Sharkskin shadestick
Lid: MAC Smoke and Diamonds
Middle of the the lid: MAC Electra
Crease: UD Gunmetal
Outer Corner: UD Perversion
Highlight: UD Sellout (My favourite highlight)
Cheryl Coles False eyelashes :D

Base: Lip balm
Lipstick: Barry m 101
Lipgloss: MAC dazzleglass in Smile

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Purchases 29-12-09

Today was probably the worst day for shopping as it lashed rain all day but I bought some really good stuff. I was thinking about getting a Tiffany alphabet pendant as my grandparents gave me some money so hopefully I will have it two weeks from now. Very excited.

But on to today!

This box was 22.50 It's a really sweet candy box and I love it!

Yummy yummy yummy: Gorgeous scent honey and strawberry. I have to get a bigger bottle.
Snow Fairy: I don't know about this it reminds me of my childhood medicine but I do get the candy scent.
Candy Cane: Smells exactly like Rockstar so good!!
Angel Delight: A bit of a watery scent, it's not that great.
Fairy Tail: Great scrub amazing scent! I am so sad its limited edition.

So if you spend 30 euro you get a free box so my sister and I shared this one.
So I got...

Cinders: Mulled wine fragrance, its sort of musky with a sweetness
Sumo Santa: So yummy! Really light floral scent
Snowcake: It's really weird, its very almondy it's nice but it's very unusual.
I bought this dress today and it was 58. It is really expensive but it is amazing on it a pencil skirt and it's chiffon and the best bit is it has pockets!
I love the zip at the back.
It was 39.99 and I saw today that it was 44.99 yus! I save!
It's amazing it has great new features and multiplayer is so much fun!

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol.2 Look no.1

This look is using the top four eyeshadows of the palette. It also includes Nicola from Girls Aloud lashes.

Lid : AC/DC
Crease: Ecstasy
Outer V: Gunmetal
Under Lash Line: Perversion

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Goodies :)

Merry Christmas. Hope you had a lovely day. I had a brilliant day!
I got too much lovely gifts! Thanks to my lovely family :D

My biker boots! I love them it makes an outfit really grungy.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol.2. Amazing! I love this such nice colours!

All 5 Girls Aloud lashes, I really like these! They are great if you want a subtle look or really dramatic.

I bought this for myself, it's MAC $$$$$ Yes! It's amazing I love it!

Barry M 130 Red glitter, it's gorgeous! Loads of sparkle.

Little Lush Pud. It smells so yummy. I don't have a bath but I keep them for when I go away so I will be able to use it in January, So I will have more information soon.

So White. I also love this it has a really yummy apple scent.

Yay!! Im a HP nerd so I was so happy when I saw this, Brilliant films and extras are good too!
I love this it's Harry Potter in spanish! My sister bought me this. Lots of translation to do.

My mug!! I love it! I adore Kings of Leon, their music is brilliant. I finally have my own mug!
Babylis Curling Wand. I have no clue how to curl my hair but It works really well! So quick and easy!

Dream Time, it's a gorgeous lavender temple balm and I get headaches sometimes and this will really help. I love it!

My second favourite mascara ever!! and it's cheaper in the US then the Max Factor one for €15 so when my parents go away they stock up :D

A sponge! I have always wanted a sponge and I haven't used it yet but It should be lovely!

I got these three lip balms, Carmex cherry a must!! whip stick and gorgeous orange chocolate flavour and a christmas pudding flavoured lip balm they are all amazingly moisturising.

Christmas Eve Look, Dramatic Party Look

Illamasqua Never e/s
MAC sky e/s
MAC sea e/s
smoulder eye kohl

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Requested : Goldy Coppery Smokey for Keelythekiwi

inner 3rd : Illamasqua liquis metal - Solstice
Middle lid : MAC Brash/Coppering
Outer corner : Sweet chestnut/Cranberry
And a dark brown or black in the outer v

I hope you like and hopefully the tutorial shall be up soon!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Alexa Chung Inspired Look

This was requested and you can find the tutorial here
Hope you like!

Products used:

Painterly PP
Illamasqua Servent Eyeshadow
MAC Soba Eyeshadow
Dark brown under lower lashes
Liquid Liner

Sunday, November 8, 2009

FOTD 08-11-09

Ok this is the last one! I promise!!

I was using the Notoriety Quad and i came up with this soft autumnal look.

Blush Review.

MAC Dame Blush.
Initially I really liked this blush its a gorgeous colour, pink with pink and blue sparkle.
But it's a woeful blush. Its streaky and had bad pigmentation, I literally had to scrub the blush for the swatch below.
Illamasqua Katie Blush
Love this blush its super pigmented and almost a creamy matte texture.
It gives you a really cute pink cheek like you have been pinched.

Illamasqua Panic Blush
Another one thats amazing! You need a very light hand if you are my skin tone.
It gives you a berry coloured cheek, thats really in for winter.

(L toR) Panic, Katie, Dame

In short: Illamasqua, hell yes they are gorgeous!!
MAC..not so much.

Hope you found this helpful :D

Face of the 30th of Oct :)

This is a complete steal from Tiffany D's look

Painterly PP
Sharkskin Shadestick
Smoke & Diamonds
Liquid liner

Illamasqua Panic blush

Maybelline 112 Ambre Rose
Illamasqua soul lipgloss

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lush Review.

I love Lush, my sister got me hooked years ago I have gone through quite a lot of stuff.
My favorite are the soaps and massage bars, I like sugary sweet smells.

So I saw this Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub for €3.50!
I thought this was brilliant as its not small so it's good value.

Its limited edition for christmas but the other sugar scrubs are permanent.

Its a great scrub, if you don't like abrasive you will not like this. I love this, its very sugary scent with great exfoliating ability. Leaves the skin amazingly soft I would repurchase these again and again. You can get about 3/4 showers out of it if you break bits off.

In short, brilliant product, great value and I'd definitely buy again!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tim Minchin Inspided look With my style.

Eyes : Painterly PP
Satin Taupe
Shadowy Lady
Fashion Groupie
Fig 1.
Smolder eye kohl

See it here

Saturday, October 10, 2009

MAC Style Black : Baby Goth Girl

I first saw this on TiffanyD's blog and I really wanted it. I have wanted a good black nail polish for a while now so when I saw this I was very excited, I love purple and burgundy and gold.

In normal light it looks like a very very very dark burgundy black and then it moves into light and it goes to purple and it has quite big flecks of gold. I love it! I wore it without a base coat or topcoat and I wasn't that gone on in and this morning I tried with both and it looks gorgeous!!

It was €12.50 and its 10ml

Thursday, October 1, 2009

To get list.

MAC Baby Goth Girl nail polish - Its a really cool black with burgundy sparkle - Love.

A red lip pencil, Im going to an 18th dinner and want to wear a red lip.

Only snag..I have no money!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

MAC DSquared2 prices

*Please excuse errors in the prices as the magazine I get prices from is sometimes wrong.

Sculpt and Shape - €24.50
Lipsticks - €17.50
Lip Conditioner - €17
Greasepaint Stick - €19
165 Brush - €40

Mermaid Aqua Look. 18-09-09

This look is really simple but I really like it.
Steamy is a gorgeous colour
Enjoy :)

Steamy on the lid
Illamasqua Never in the crease
Skintone 1 in the inner corner
Smoulder eye kohl

Have a look at the tutorial here.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Review : Notoriety Quad

I was mulling over the three quads and I really couldn't decide, I kept swatching and I really liked this one. It has very neutral colours but they are really nice finishes. Im sure you could find dupes of these but I really liked the colours.

(L-R) Skintone 1 (L) and Rich and Earthy (VP).
Skintone 2 (F) and Notoriety (V).

This is Skintone 2 which is a gorgeous light gold. Its so beautiful and Notoriety in the crease which I love as it is a matte brown with red, gold, green and blue sparkle. I adore this colour!!! So beautiful!
(L-R) Brash, Rich and Earthy, All that Glitters
I thought Rich and Earthy was too similar to All that Glitters, and it does but it is more orange/coppery than All that Glitters. Really nice colour, can't wait to play with it.
Top - Skintone 1
Bottom - Notoriety

Skintone 1 is a lot like a pink based Polyester Bride from Urban Decay
Very glittery but I like it for some reason. It would be good with a matte look although I like a matte highlight I have a look in mind that I want to try out.

I love this quad, simple colours but they are gorgeous. At 47.50 it is expensive so choose wisely. I am really happy with it!