Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Purchases 29-12-09

Today was probably the worst day for shopping as it lashed rain all day but I bought some really good stuff. I was thinking about getting a Tiffany alphabet pendant as my grandparents gave me some money so hopefully I will have it two weeks from now. Very excited.

But on to today!

This box was 22.50 It's a really sweet candy box and I love it!

Yummy yummy yummy: Gorgeous scent honey and strawberry. I have to get a bigger bottle.
Snow Fairy: I don't know about this it reminds me of my childhood medicine but I do get the candy scent.
Candy Cane: Smells exactly like Rockstar so good!!
Angel Delight: A bit of a watery scent, it's not that great.
Fairy Tail: Great scrub amazing scent! I am so sad its limited edition.

So if you spend 30 euro you get a free box so my sister and I shared this one.
So I got...

Cinders: Mulled wine fragrance, its sort of musky with a sweetness
Sumo Santa: So yummy! Really light floral scent
Snowcake: It's really weird, its very almondy it's nice but it's very unusual.
I bought this dress today and it was 58. It is really expensive but it is amazing on it a pencil skirt and it's chiffon and the best bit is it has pockets!
I love the zip at the back.
It was 39.99 and I saw today that it was 44.99 yus! I save!
It's amazing it has great new features and multiplayer is so much fun!


  1. I WANT!! I want that lush goodie box!!

  2. Great buys! We really did pick a cat day to go shopping though.