Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Goodies :)

Merry Christmas. Hope you had a lovely day. I had a brilliant day!
I got too much lovely gifts! Thanks to my lovely family :D

My biker boots! I love them it makes an outfit really grungy.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol.2. Amazing! I love this such nice colours!

All 5 Girls Aloud lashes, I really like these! They are great if you want a subtle look or really dramatic.

I bought this for myself, it's MAC $$$$$ Yes! It's amazing I love it!

Barry M 130 Red glitter, it's gorgeous! Loads of sparkle.

Little Lush Pud. It smells so yummy. I don't have a bath but I keep them for when I go away so I will be able to use it in January, So I will have more information soon.

So White. I also love this it has a really yummy apple scent.

Yay!! Im a HP nerd so I was so happy when I saw this, Brilliant films and extras are good too!
I love this it's Harry Potter in spanish! My sister bought me this. Lots of translation to do.

My mug!! I love it! I adore Kings of Leon, their music is brilliant. I finally have my own mug!
Babylis Curling Wand. I have no clue how to curl my hair but It works really well! So quick and easy!

Dream Time, it's a gorgeous lavender temple balm and I get headaches sometimes and this will really help. I love it!

My second favourite mascara ever!! and it's cheaper in the US then the Max Factor one for €15 so when my parents go away they stock up :D

A sponge! I have always wanted a sponge and I haven't used it yet but It should be lovely!

I got these three lip balms, Carmex cherry a must!! whip stick and gorgeous orange chocolate flavour and a christmas pudding flavoured lip balm they are all amazingly moisturising.


  1. HI, thanks for following me!
    I love your EOTD!!! And you're only 17, I am very impressed!

    I'll check out your yt channel.

    Happy Holidays from Italy (and I hear you about they expensive makeup...Italy is the same thing...)

  2. Thank you! Your very kind!

    Hope you had a great holiday :)