Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Week with Instagram No.4

My books arrived this week! I just have TFIOS to read, it will be sad when I am finished.

My best friend and myself got manicures at Nails Inc. in Brown Thomas. So nice!

I got on a plane this week :)

I went to London, my favourite place <3 My second home!

We fed squirrels :) 

Said hey to the queen and went to the Queens Gallery to see an Antarctic expedition exhibition, was excellent! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Collective Haul - Lush, Nails Inc, Urban Outfitters, Illustrated People, John Green.

Oh no!! I have been naughty again!! :( And expect another haul in the next few days!
I bought this adorable box from Lush because it has oneof my most favourite products of all time!

A 25g of Strawberry Fields Forever.

A full size Sugar Babe

A 100g bottle of Grass Shower Gel

Summer Party Soap
I got a sample of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

I got Vanillary Perfume witch is AMAZING!
I got a manicure at Nails Inc. nail bar in Brown Thomas for 8 euro!! Such a nice experience, lovely staff, great service and it was nice to be pampered a little! Plus it has lasted me through a work shift! Yay! 

So I decided to treat myself to some of their products!

I got the Mayfair hand lotion which smells gorgeous! I really like it a lot! I get such dry hands it's great!

I got the nail varnish that was used on me. It is so gorgeous! I keep staring at my nails!

I also got these free so I am excited to try them out!

I also picked up this Models Own nail varnish in Champagne so lovely!
I got these brouges in urban Outfitters they were originally 85 euro..wha!
I got them for 10.80!!!! Such a bargain! And they are great for summer.
I got this jumper from Illustrated People, it was half off in the sale and I love it a lot!
I got my concealer in shade No2
I also picked up more candles!! Yay! I got Caramel again and i also got Vanilla. Yum!

I bought three John Green books, I have read Looking for Alaska and am now on Paper Towns, Expect a review!
So yeah...more shopping :/ I will stop after the next shopping trip I promise!! :P

Thanks for reading!
P x

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Week with Instagram No.3

I have loved playing Mario Bros for Wii, I have been watching HankGames and I love it!
I have been doing my makeup like this and I have my hair it's natural curlyness.
I am liking being all natural :)
On my break :P I am eating so bad recently!
I got my new Jumper that I will talk about soon!
To Gerry! RIP.
The sky is getting better, it means Spring is coming!
I got my Doctor Who poster!!!! (Sorry it's not Instagram)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Updated Makeup Storage.

I am really happy with how I store all of my makeup, it's taken me a while to sort everything out.

So I will start with my brush holders.

I got these holders in Dunne Stores on sale for 1.50 each, in the bathroom section. I would have liked black but they were more expensive so I think these are great! You can always get a good deal in Dunnes. 
 I got this next piece in Muji I love this, I use it for my everyday makeup.

A stack of two clear drarws are around ten euro and the single draws are 5 euro.

In the top drawer I have my essential face products, primer, foundation and concealer.

In the second I have my eye stuff, mascara, eyeliner and primer.

In the last I have my cheek products and my kabuki brush.

I have a four drawer case that I got for Woodies for 9.99

In the first drawer I have eyeshadows that are in pots or pans. These include MAC, Inglot, Nars, Illamasqua,

In the second drawer I have eyeliners, mascaras, eyelashes, coloured eye bases, I have minis of Benefits liquid blushes/highlights.

In the third drawer I have blushes, face powders, concealers, foundation, highlighters.

In the fourth drawer I have all my lip products, lispticks, liplosses, lip balms.

This storage unit is great the drawers are quite deep so you can get a lot in them! (Well as long as I don't buy too much more makeup I'll be fine!)

 If you see anything you want me to review or talk about let me know in the comments.

 Thanks so much for reading :) 
P x

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Redo: Effy Stonem Skins Look.

I have decided to redo the Effy from Skin makeup that she wore in Episode 8. 

I really like this make up the tutorial will be here so be sure to check it out! 

On the lid is Illamasqua's Servent Eyeshadow
On the lash line is smoulder eye kohl
In the crease is Inglot's Black eyeshadow #63
Under the eye is MAC's Teal Pigment

 This look takes a lot of blending so it will take a while to do I did it in just under a half an hour so I think it's more of a going out look than an every day look :P 

I really love the teal underneath it's gorgeous!! 

Hope you enjoyed the look and thanks so much for reading!
P x

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Week With Instagram Week 02

Studying in the library! : / Boring!

Skittles!! I haven't had them in ages. Sugar rush!!

I got a package from Topshop! I love what I got! Can't wait to do a post about it.

I made a vegan meal the other day. It was good! Yum!

I made pancakes!! NOM NOM!

I was standing waiting on a bridge and the sunset was gorgeous!
So this has been my week in photos! Hope you have a nice week!

P x

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Models Own Nail Polish First Impression.

I have never tried models own but I saw this colour and I needed it!

It is Mystic Mauve, a beautiful metallic pink, lilac. I have never had any pink shades so it was very unusual for me to like it.


  I think it's good, one medium coat and it is really opaque. 

I do in face love this shade! It is quite pricey though! 7.50 a bottle? Like really! Barry M is like 5/6 euro.

Also on another ridiculously overpriced nail polish! Nail's Inc..what? 18 euro for the magnetic nail varnish? Are you joking! 
I am going to wait until I can get it cheaper anywhere else but Dublin!

I want to try more Models Own stuff, it seems really good!

Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading!
P x