Thursday, October 7, 2010

Purchases: MAC Venomous Villains Collection and Swatches

I love the packaging. I love the colours they style.

I really like the faces on the products, many people didn't like the packaging but I really like it!
So what did I get? I got One item from Cruella De-Vil, one from Malificent and three from the Evil Queen.
(L-R) Her Own Devices Beauty powder, Toxic Tale Lipstick, Oh So Fare Beauty Powder, Strange Potion Lipgloss, She Who Dares Eyeshadow Duo.

This is Strange Potion on my very pigmented lips. I am impressed it is so opaque!

This is Toxic Tale I really like this it's such a unique colour I like it on me but Im not brave enough to wear this for everyday.

So top row: Oh So Fare, Her Own Devices, She Who Dares
Bottom: Toxic Tale, Strange Potion.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Illamasqua Art Of Darkness Collection Purchases and Swatches.

So I had to get some products from the new Art Of Darkness collection after seeing the promo images. They are so beautiful and edgy I love them!!

So I had to buy the two new nail polishes they are so gorgeous.

Scarab - A beautiful red with gold reflects it gives a gorgeous copper tone to the nails its absolutely gorgeous!

Veridian - A gorgeous blue green. Stunning sparkle with a top coat.
I love these nail polishes but they chip quite a bit within the first day but I think that is just my nails becuase it happens with every nail polish!

I have never had a pigment from Illamasqua so when I saw this colour I really wanted to try it.
Ore - It's a beautiful bronze copper with a tone of sparkle!! I mean lots of glitter!
I love the colour and the glitter doesn't travel too much which is good! I would definitely recommend!

And of course! I got two of the three liquid metals. I can't rave enough about this product I lOVE them! And they look gorgeous under Ore.

Resolute - I love this it is absolutely stunning! It's a deep red burgundy I love deep reds and this works really well as a lip colour!! I love it and really recommend!

Stoic - A gorgeous teal green really really pretty! Will probably use this most as an eyeliner under the eyes it's so pretty! Again It looks great underneath Ore.

Swatches - Ore, Resolute and Stoic

I will have looks coming up with the liquid metals and maybe nail swatches.

So i hope you enjoyed!