Sunday, February 5, 2012

Review: Nicki Minaj Mini OPI Nail Polishes

Metallic 4 Life

 I use this as a top coat as it is very sheer. I am not really fond of this as it is horrible to take off. As many glitter polishes are.

Left - Fly, Middle - Did it on 'em, Right - Pink Friday.
Fly is really gorgeous! It takes two thick coats and it's opaque. I recommend this a lot!
Did it on 'em is a lime green, it would take four coats to get it opaque.
Pink Friday is a nice bubblegum pink I like it but again it takes four coats to get it opaque, not really impressive.

Over all I love Fly, like Pink Friday, Did it on 'em is ok and I don't really like Metallic 4 Life.

This set cost £12.75 which is 2.25 more expensive than a full sized bottle of OPI polish.
Each bottle is 3.75 ml
So yeah over all I give the set 3.5/5
I am not really keen on OPI in general, it's too sheer, you generally need 4 coats to get it to look how you want it not my idea of a good nail polish, Ok even though they are sheer they wear really well!

I will keep you updated on the wear of these nail polishes
Thanks so much for reading

P x

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seriously so much nail polish!!

I am going to try to do more nail reviews, I have a ridiculous amount! Stay tuned for more nail of the day's :)