Monday, November 23, 2009

Alexa Chung Inspired Look

This was requested and you can find the tutorial here
Hope you like!

Products used:

Painterly PP
Illamasqua Servent Eyeshadow
MAC Soba Eyeshadow
Dark brown under lower lashes
Liquid Liner

Sunday, November 8, 2009

FOTD 08-11-09

Ok this is the last one! I promise!!

I was using the Notoriety Quad and i came up with this soft autumnal look.

Blush Review.

MAC Dame Blush.
Initially I really liked this blush its a gorgeous colour, pink with pink and blue sparkle.
But it's a woeful blush. Its streaky and had bad pigmentation, I literally had to scrub the blush for the swatch below.
Illamasqua Katie Blush
Love this blush its super pigmented and almost a creamy matte texture.
It gives you a really cute pink cheek like you have been pinched.

Illamasqua Panic Blush
Another one thats amazing! You need a very light hand if you are my skin tone.
It gives you a berry coloured cheek, thats really in for winter.

(L toR) Panic, Katie, Dame

In short: Illamasqua, hell yes they are gorgeous!!
MAC..not so much.

Hope you found this helpful :D

Face of the 30th of Oct :)

This is a complete steal from Tiffany D's look

Painterly PP
Sharkskin Shadestick
Smoke & Diamonds
Liquid liner

Illamasqua Panic blush

Maybelline 112 Ambre Rose
Illamasqua soul lipgloss

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lush Review.

I love Lush, my sister got me hooked years ago I have gone through quite a lot of stuff.
My favorite are the soaps and massage bars, I like sugary sweet smells.

So I saw this Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub for €3.50!
I thought this was brilliant as its not small so it's good value.

Its limited edition for christmas but the other sugar scrubs are permanent.

Its a great scrub, if you don't like abrasive you will not like this. I love this, its very sugary scent with great exfoliating ability. Leaves the skin amazingly soft I would repurchase these again and again. You can get about 3/4 showers out of it if you break bits off.

In short, brilliant product, great value and I'd definitely buy again!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tim Minchin Inspided look With my style.

Eyes : Painterly PP
Satin Taupe
Shadowy Lady
Fashion Groupie
Fig 1.
Smolder eye kohl

See it here