Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lush Review.

I love Lush, my sister got me hooked years ago I have gone through quite a lot of stuff.
My favorite are the soaps and massage bars, I like sugary sweet smells.

So I saw this Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub for €3.50!
I thought this was brilliant as its not small so it's good value.

Its limited edition for christmas but the other sugar scrubs are permanent.

Its a great scrub, if you don't like abrasive you will not like this. I love this, its very sugary scent with great exfoliating ability. Leaves the skin amazingly soft I would repurchase these again and again. You can get about 3/4 showers out of it if you break bits off.

In short, brilliant product, great value and I'd definitely buy again!

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