Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Updated Makeup Storage.

I am really happy with how I store all of my makeup, it's taken me a while to sort everything out.

So I will start with my brush holders.

I got these holders in Dunne Stores on sale for 1.50 each, in the bathroom section. I would have liked black but they were more expensive so I think these are great! You can always get a good deal in Dunnes. 
 I got this next piece in Muji I love this, I use it for my everyday makeup.

A stack of two clear drarws are around ten euro and the single draws are 5 euro.

In the top drawer I have my essential face products, primer, foundation and concealer.

In the second I have my eye stuff, mascara, eyeliner and primer.

In the last I have my cheek products and my kabuki brush.

I have a four drawer case that I got for Woodies for 9.99

In the first drawer I have eyeshadows that are in pots or pans. These include MAC, Inglot, Nars, Illamasqua,

In the second drawer I have eyeliners, mascaras, eyelashes, coloured eye bases, I have minis of Benefits liquid blushes/highlights.

In the third drawer I have blushes, face powders, concealers, foundation, highlighters.

In the fourth drawer I have all my lip products, lispticks, liplosses, lip balms.

This storage unit is great the drawers are quite deep so you can get a lot in them! (Well as long as I don't buy too much more makeup I'll be fine!)

 If you see anything you want me to review or talk about let me know in the comments.

 Thanks so much for reading :) 
P x

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