Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chrismas Sale Haul.

So I went into town to drown my sorrows in the sales, one of my favourite dresses got damaged and so I wanted to replace it but alas it is sold out everywhere! I went to HMV because I love movies, they are one thing that I would watch constantly I would eat to them, workout to them, sleep to them. I am a tad obsessed. So since there was a sale I jumped on all of the movies that are generally too expensive at normal price.

I got Wimbledon (5.99): I love Paul Bettany, I loved him in Knights Tale with Heath Ledger. I love him voice it's just perfectly theatrical. I then got Get Him to the Greek (3.99): I love Jonah Hill and Russel  Brand. Both very funny. I got Scott Pilgrim (3.99): I love the gaming edits throughout. 500 Days of Summer (3.99): I love Jason Gordon-Levitt, nuff said! And of course Ghostbusters (2.99)! :D I love this movie!
I went to Brown Thomas and wanted to get a posh candle there is something very decadent of a fancy candle (18), I got the Lavender scent and it's gorgeous!

 I then went to Lush and went straight to the sales table. I picked up some great products that I wouldn't normally buy.
 I picked up one of their hair treatments, I use quite a bit of heat on my hair so I want it to have
good nourishment. I like this, the smell can get a little overpowering but it is nice and spicy.  

  I love body butters, they are a nice exfoliater  and they smell so rich and creamy. I got two, I wish I got four! Such good value!
 I got this product because I needed a spot treatment and I heard this was good. I am excited to give it a go and review it properly.
 And then there is the soap! I loved Snowcake last year but it was a little drying but this year I have found it to be more moisturising.
Sandstone is being discontunued so I wanted to pick up some more. I love it's citrus-y scent and it smells so clean without being like toilet cleaner. I also love the sand exfoliating top it has!

So that's it for now! I hope you liked reading this.

P x

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