Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chrsitmas Hauling! :)

So I went to town and bought more stuff! Bold me! 
I only went to three places but I did a little bit of damage! 

 I went to Muji and bought candles for my big candle review video coming up, in a previous post you know my views on a certain brand. They were 5.95 each and they smell GORGEOUS!

I then went to Lush:

 I bought this Pow Wow Lip Scrub, it has pop rocks in it!! It is amazing and it smells like the green sauce in cheap Irish ice cream :D It was originally 6.75 but I got it for 3.38! Bargain!

 I got another one of these because it smells amazing and it was 50% off! It was originally 8.90 which is ridiculous! I got it for 4.45! 

 This purchase comes with a back story! I asked the girl to cut me a 12 euro piece of Snowcake soap and she got a bit confused! She thought I meant that I wanted an original price of 24 euro discounted to 12 but no I wanted an original price of 12 and the discount price of 6 hahaha!! So esentially moral of the story I got a HUGE chunk of soap worth 31.39 euro! I got it for 15.69. Whoops!

Basically I wont need soap for a very long time! :P

Then I went to Urban Outfitters and there were some pretty good deals on!  I recommend going in! I bought this adorable woodland creatures ring! It has a deer, a fox and a squirrel. I adore these rings! Originally they were 19 euro, a complete rip off! But it was marked down to 9 and then marked down again to 6! Yay!! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!
P x

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