Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Phone!

I got an iPhone 4 today, I love it so much! I have wanted one ever since my friend and I talked of them. I love the square design so when the opportunity arose that I could get one I jumped! 

I went straight to Tesco and bought a FoneWare case and I think it is adorable, I think it looks very well and i will keep you updated on the ware of the case. I might do a review on the three cases that I own for various apple products. The case was 14.99. I also bought FoneWear Screen Guards for 11.99, I thought these were quite expensive but you get three guards, a cleaning cloth and a smoothing card, which I recommend you use it, it does work! They are good quality as well, so they are worth the money.
My phone is essential for emails and general social networking however silly that may be but I enjoy it so yeah! I might also do a favourite apps post along with my review of the cases.

Do you like smartphones? I know quite a few who don't.

P x

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  1. Congrats on the new iPhone! I am in love with mine! Your case looks just like the Marc by Marc Jacobs one!