Thursday, January 12, 2012

Models Own Nail Polish First Impression.

I have never tried models own but I saw this colour and I needed it!

It is Mystic Mauve, a beautiful metallic pink, lilac. I have never had any pink shades so it was very unusual for me to like it.


  I think it's good, one medium coat and it is really opaque. 

I do in face love this shade! It is quite pricey though! 7.50 a bottle? Like really! Barry M is like 5/6 euro.

Also on another ridiculously overpriced nail polish! Nail's Inc..what? 18 euro for the magnetic nail varnish? Are you joking! 
I am going to wait until I can get it cheaper anywhere else but Dublin!

I want to try more Models Own stuff, it seems really good!

Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for reading!
P x

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