Saturday, September 19, 2009

Review : Notoriety Quad

I was mulling over the three quads and I really couldn't decide, I kept swatching and I really liked this one. It has very neutral colours but they are really nice finishes. Im sure you could find dupes of these but I really liked the colours.

(L-R) Skintone 1 (L) and Rich and Earthy (VP).
Skintone 2 (F) and Notoriety (V).

This is Skintone 2 which is a gorgeous light gold. Its so beautiful and Notoriety in the crease which I love as it is a matte brown with red, gold, green and blue sparkle. I adore this colour!!! So beautiful!
(L-R) Brash, Rich and Earthy, All that Glitters
I thought Rich and Earthy was too similar to All that Glitters, and it does but it is more orange/coppery than All that Glitters. Really nice colour, can't wait to play with it.
Top - Skintone 1
Bottom - Notoriety

Skintone 1 is a lot like a pink based Polyester Bride from Urban Decay
Very glittery but I like it for some reason. It would be good with a matte look although I like a matte highlight I have a look in mind that I want to try out.

I love this quad, simple colours but they are gorgeous. At 47.50 it is expensive so choose wisely. I am really happy with it!

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