Friday, September 4, 2009

New Purchases.

I got 2/3 of the postcards which is really cool! I only was expecting one.

My nails are in bits so I decided to get a strengthener. I wanted to try this as I saw this in a video.
Illamasqua eyeshadow - Never. It is lighter in the picture it is like MAC plumage e/s but it is more blue. It's beautiful! It's so pigmented!
I asked for a sample of Reflects Red and she gave me loads! I love it it's gorgeous. Im very tempted to get Fuchsia glitter too :/
I have never been happy with my MAC purples so when I saw this new pigment, Push The Edge I really wanted it. It's a beautiful colour with purple sparkle and I love it!! At 24.50 it's very steep.


  1. what color is that purple mac pigment? what's it called? its just so pretty. :)

  2. Hi, what a great post ! Thank you - it's perfect. Cool site too - cheers !

  3. @Viva La Fashion Sorry I completely forgot! It's Push The Edge pigment.

    @Elise Thank you :)