Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lush Reviews

Lush Stuff
My take on some of the products 

Tea Tree - Toner Tab
Small, smells like a refresher, has a really good clean feeling. 
Can reuse the water as Tea tree water to help prevent spots and they are really cheap! 

Cupcake - Face mask 
Mmm chocolate, supposed to be good for teenage skin but i just like the chocolate (: 

The Big Calm - Shower Jelly
LOVE! If you like Pina Coladas you will like
I love the scent coconutty and fruity 

Don't know what's wrong here :S

Gorgeous! I love this to exfoliate, Black current scent
Makes blue water, smells great i love it! 

Celestial - moisturiser 
Thick, smells like haagen dazs  vanilla ice-cream!
It broke me out but if you have normal skin it should be fine and you will smell yummy! 

Hair Care

Jumping Juniper - Juniper oil, lavender and citrus 
Nice smell, if your don't use conditioner, it will kill your hair trying to brush it.
Good on the go, but liquid shampoo is always better.

I love Juicy - Pineapple, kiwi and mango
Lovely scent, cleans well  

American Cream - Vanilla, creamy, moisturising 
really good conditioner.  

Massage bars
Fantastic scents, bit oily tho 

Therapy - cocoa and shea butters with a little lavender
I like the smell i think its also smells like Buffy 
I use it directly when i get out of the shower, it does leave you greasy but if you let it settle (watch a YT video or 2) it makes your skin really soft

Soft Coeur - Chocolate and honey secnt, with real chocolate inside
very rich, makes your skin soft and edible 

Mange Too - White chocolate and honey 
My favourite, smells great, good size 

Each Peach (and twos a pair) - doesn't smell like peaches or pairs
Citrus scented, not my favourite, i like sweet scented things.

Bubble Bars
Make the best bubbles

French Kiss - gorgeous lavender scent, very relaxing 

Creamy Candy Bath - Sweat scent, very girlie, definitely my favourite

Best smelling in my opinion 

                                    The Godmother - Sharp sweet smell. Pinky with sparkles 

Rockstar - Soft sweet scent - makes skin very soft

Ice Blue - It is fresh and citrus scented. 

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