Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: YSL Golden Gloss

So I am very fortunate to be able to splurge on products at certain times of the year ie. my birthday and christmas. I usually get these expensive products in duty free.

So I decided to get to get a YSL Golden Gloss in number 19 Golden Petal
It's a beautiful rosy pink shade with quite big gold glitter which looks great on the lips.

It's got a brush tip applicator which actually, for me, picks up too much product.
The smell is a really nice watermelon fresh scent. It is not sticky at all and wears a good time.
I really like these products they are a tick gloss but it really doesn't feel like it on the lips. It's a very pigmented gloss as well.

It is such a shame that this product €28 it is so expensive. As I have just found out there is a bit of 24 carat gold in the gloss so that is probably why it is so expensive.

This product is great and I would buy more but the price is just too much that I can't justify buying another.
If you want to splurge then I would recommend this but if you want a nice gloss there are great drugstore brands like Revlon and Barry M to choose from.

This is paired with Maybellines Ambre Rose and it just looks gorgeous!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks so much.


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