Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: Topshop Lip Polish Trio

I saw that Topshop makeup was having a sale on their makeup so I was straight over!
The things on sale were actually quite good but a lot of them were open which was the annoying thing as I couldn't really judge if they were sanitary.

I got the stack of three lip polishes which retail 21 but I got them for €7! Such a good bargain!

The three colours are Chiffon, Cherry Picker and Cracker. They are a brilliantly pigmented balm, they feel great on, non sticky and light. They are so easy to apply, I applied all three with my fingers but with the red and the berry shade if you were going out to a party or dinner you may want to apply with a brush so you don't end up like a clown :P
I would really recommend these polishes, they come in great shades and feel great on and look great on. I really want to go and get more.

First lets start with Chiffon:

It's a really pretty pink shade with gold sparkle, probably my favourite, it's so easy to wear and looks great.

Cherry Picker:

It's a lovely black cherry juice colour, I love it, it's really beautiful. I this would be my second favourite. Would love to wear this on a night out it's very classic.


A basic, classic red shade, it's lovely.

The three shades Chiffon, Cherry Picker and Cracker.

I love these! I want more!

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks so much for reading!


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