Thursday, July 7, 2011

Review: Topshop Gloss

As there was a sale on Topshop makeup I decided to check out what they had and I saw this amazing deep purple gloss. I just thought it was amazing looking. I don't know the original retail price but I picked this up for 4! Serious bargain as the MAC lip glosses are €17.

It's a beautiful vampy purple with blue, gold, purple and some orange and silver glitter. It's not too pigmented on the lips but it gives a dark plum colour. It has a high gloss gloss but the glitter doesn't really show up witch is a pity. The gloss is tacky it's not sticky, you can feel it on your lips but when you smack your lips together it doesn't feel gloopy, it feels smooth and secure, like it would last on the lips.

The colour is in Gloom. The one thing that really annoys me about this product is that it's difficult to get product out, the stopper in the gloss scrapes back quite a bit of product but I'm sure you can take the stopper out and fish out all the gloss you need.

I love this paired with my Collection 2000 lipstick in Mudslide. Looks amazingly dramatic and glossy. They work so well together. I really like this lipgloss, it's not the norm but it's pretty and its unusual.
I'd go in and see if there are any left it's well worth the bargain!

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  1. I love the sound of the glitters :)

  2. Lillian - Yeah they are so cool but it's such a shame it doesn't translate on the lips. :)