Sunday, July 17, 2011

Product Rave #1

I have chosen two MAC products that I got recently and I absolutely love them!
I wear them daily and they are absolutely beautiful!

So first product I chose was Blackberry Eyeshadow a beautiful matte plum shade with a grayish undertone, it looks a bit ashy. It is smooth and pigmented although the swatch suggests otherwise but on the brush it is perfect. I have only tried this shade in the crease and not the lid but I will update this if I do try it out on the lid but as it is a plum it can make the eyes look bruised if used too much but this shade is perfect for deepening the crease and it's just beautiful! I really love it. It is just the perfect addition to an eye look!

The second product is Rosemary and Thyme Eye Kohl. I absolutely love this, it is a beautiful olive shade with gold glitter, it is gorgeous! It is perfect for lining the bottom lash line and I love to use it in the inner corner. It is such a wearable colour and it goes with golds and browns and purples so well witch is the shades I wear the most. It is a perfect everyday pencil and I really recommend it!!

Top: Rosemary and Thyme Eye Kohl.
Bottom: Blackberry Eyeshadow.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! The accompanying video is here!

Thank you!

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