Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boycotting MAC

I was going to do a video on this but I think I will get too emotional and angry so words are the best medium to express anger because there is always the back button!

So I have never been a fan of MAC staff. Irish staff have irritated me from day one, the rudeness and unhelpful manner in which they go about their commission really irks me! Today I had my last experience of their horrid behaviour! Not an excuse me, not a pardon me, not a move, I hate being treated like Im invisible from staff. Im sick of their holier than thou attitude that they prance around with, I don't come up to them and say "Get me this!" "do that" Im a respectful customer and I think respectful customers should be treated well. I hate the fact that I give money to a company that are rude and act ungrateful to have a job.

Another reason:

I was on Temptalia and I saw the Rodarte scandal and I was shocked, I had no previous knowledge of Juarez but I am disgusted to think that a makeup company which has that much influence would do something so degrading of an extremely horrendous issue. Women are being killed, families are ruined, if this happened in the western world there would be outroar but because no one cares no one gets any justice and it kills me! It doesn't matter how much money they throw at Juarez it will not change the fact that this issue must be terrifying to live through and I understand you can't help everything that goes wrong in this world but it is just too unjust for a thoughtless act like MAC has done.

So thats it, there are kinder, better and more helpful brands of make up I will be trying. For now I want nothing to do with the company I just want MAC to understand you can't be so dumb, expect that this will all blow over and no one bat an eyelash.

It takes one pebble in a pool to create ripples. I hope that one day I can make a bigger difference than not buying makeup but for now it will do.



  1. I hear you, staff in there are beyond rude. I actually wrote an e-mail of complaint to BT once and all I got back was the offer of a free make-over. That's 'exactly what I needed'

  2. I absolutely agree with you. I've been to various Mac shops and stands, sometimes the staff have been really helpful and pleasant (the shop in Brighton in particular had some lovely staff) but the ones i have been to most, in the centre of London is full of really cold, haughty people who just seem to ignore you and talk to each other. I also find them weirdly understocked, the Pro shop in London was out of stock of a lipstick i wanted for about 6 months!
    And i absolutely agree that there are better brands out there for a lot cheaper. However i'm not going to Boycott them.
    While the Juarez debacle was absolutely appalling (and i have not forgiven their actions, those names should never have gone past brainstorming!) at least they listened to the outrage and are now going to donate all the profits. I like the Viva Glam line or it's nice message and again giving away 100% of the proceeds. And i really do like some of their new products, or so long they haven't brought out anything new or exciting (in my opinion) but the Dare to Wear and Digi-Dazzle collections have some bits that interest me.
    Still i don't think i'll ever consider myself a Mac fan again.

  3. Hello, I live in Mexico city and I have never been a big fan of Mac, but I have bought some of their products. About the situation relating the women of Juarez I think its terrible what Mac and Rodarte did, its awful. Donating money and changing the names of the products is not enough, because they are still going to sell products that were inspired in thousands of women that were killed. I mean, its like if they have gotten their inspiration from all the women murdered during the Holocaust, but of course I don't think those designers would ever dare to do such thing and still they did it with the women of Juarez.
    It's sad that my first comment in your blog is about this. I have been reading your blog for some time know and I like it and I'm suscribe to your YouTube channel. I really like the looks you create.

  4. Ana - I completely agree, I have also thought of the Holocaust when I learned about the Rodarte collection and the fact that they wouldn't even dream of it but because it's not talked about they thought it was ok. I just think it's awful!

    I think this is an excellent first comment, beauty is more than skin deep and feeling strongly about something is important. Thank you for commenting on this and thank you for your support of my channels!

  5. Lillian - I do think that it's good that they are trying to do something and everyone makes mistakes, we are all human, but this have been coming for a long time for me, it's the straw that broke the camels back.
    Im definitely not saying MAC doesn't have it's good points, in general it was one of my favourite brands but it's time for a break.

  6. Anca - Haha that's pathetic! Well done on complaining :)