Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Purchases.

So since Illamasqua's amnesty programme was amazing I had to go get some products!

So I got Lucid lipgloss, it's a very yellow nude but on the lips it's a very light pink.
I think if you had the opacity of the gloss it would look very strange so I recommend it thin.

I got Phenomenon liquid metal which I LOVE! it is such a good lip extra. I will definitely do some looks with it!. Also if you mix this with Solstice you get surge liquid metal. I love liquid metals!! It is a grey gel type substance with lots of silver glitter and I love it!

I got two medium pencils and they are fantastic!! As you can use them on eyes and lips they are such a good multi purpose pencil I really recommend Hex because it's a great neutral waterline pencil to open up the eye. And Spell looks amazing on both waterlines and lips. I need more of these! I think I need a purple and a blue maybe.

I got the blusher brush 1 and I really like it it is synthetic and it is so soft, it blends extremely well, it also looks great. I really want to try more brushes from them!

Last thing I got was from MAC and my sister was looking at the new collection and tried of the coral pink one and to make her feel easier I tried on this one and I really love it! It leaves my very pigmented lips a rosey hue which just looks very natural and over a nude lipstick it looks great! And the coolest thing is it BULE!! SO fun I love it!

Hope you enjoyed :)


  1. Oooh i love Illamasqua so much. The pencils are my favourite, especially on the waterline. I've wanted to try Hex for a while :)

  2. I know the pencils are amazing! I would love to have more, they are exceptional on the waterline!
    I really recommend Hex!