Sunday, July 4, 2010

Essie Review and Swatches

So I bought these off amazon for about €20 I was really intrigued to know how Essie worked and these mini sizes seemed great to try.

The names are: Knockout Pout, Haute as Hello, Pretty Edgy, Demure Vixen.
In general these polishes work with very thin but many layers, they are very watery they aren't easy to work with at all but the colours are gorgeous! I don't think I would buy from Essie because Barry M, Gosh and cheeper brands are better in many other areas like price and workability. You need a lot of patience.

Knockout Pout: Really quite tricky to work with, a neon bright pink cream finish and it almost dries to a matte finish. I like it but it's a colour I wouldn't reach for frequently.

Haute as Hello: Also quite hard to work with it's streaky and patchy but it's a gorgeous colour a really nice peach also a cream finish but again dries to a matte finish.

Pretty Edgy: A really gorgeous deep green this is easier to work with it's not patchy and it's even it's a cream with a glossy finish. I really like this colour and I would reach for it again.

Demure Vixen: A sheer purple brown with purple glitter. It's gorgeous it's quite a nice colour just to throw on, it's not that noticeable but the colour and shimmer is so unusual it's lovely!

So would I recommend Essie?

Well not really they are really difficult to work with, Expensive and Watery

but if you like the colours and have a steady hand and patience go for it!

I hope you enjoyed!


  1. :( shamee, they look like a promising brand, I'm always dying to try them out
    the colours are gorgeous though!

  2. I especially love the peach one, but it's a shame that the consistency wasn't up to scratch :(
    I've heard a lot of good things about Essie so this surprises me!