Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Thoughts: Dermalogica Clean Start Tester Kit.

So I bought this in June and I decided to give it a try for a week or so. Im excited to try this as Dermalogica is a very reputable brand and this is a cheeper range.

I think this was about £20

Where can you buy?
Im not 100% sure but I bought these in Heathrow airport.

What it includes?
So you get 5 products and there are products for cleansing toning and moisturising.
Here are my first thoughts:

Im going from right to left:

The wash off cleanser is a clear gel like consistency, it lathers to a slight foam it removes makeup and leaves your skin very fresh and clean. I haven't tried to take off waterproof mascara yet. It has a earthy clean scent. It didn't leave my skin tight or dry.

The all over toner has again has an earthy lemon scent. It doesn't leave your skin feeling dry or tight. It dries slightly slow so I usually pat dry.

The matte moisturiser is very runny! I was very surprised at how runny it was. Its light and does give your skin a matte natural look. I think it works and would be good for someone with oily skin.

The ready set scrub is a clay mask consistency but it's not thick it's more of a cream. It's probably abrasive to most people but for me it's nice and exfoliating. It leaves the skin very soft and clean feeling.

The night spot stopper is a gel that you put on after cleansing and toning but I'm not sure if it is to go under a moisturiser or if it is a moisturiser itself. It dries very quick and isn't heavy on the skin.

So overall they have a peculiar scent sort of earthy and lemony. It doesn't irritate my skin and my skin feels soft and clean which is the aim of the range.
Although they are ok products so far, there are other brands that are equally do the same thing.

Would I buy again?
I doubt it, it's a quite expensive range and there are cheeper alternatives.

I will update you on my future findings.

I hope you enjoyed. Px


  1. Hey, I've nominated you for an award on my blog (:

    Terri xo

  2. i have tried this & it has worked for me over a period of time which was like 2 weeks it keep my skin feeling refreshing too and its one on the product i love to use for my acne.