Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hauling: Duty free and MAC

So I was recently away for a few days and when in duty free I decided to splurge! :D

Before then I went to MAC and decided to look at the Surf, Baby! collection. I got talking to the MA next to me and for once she was really nice and pleasant! There was only two of the blushes left and I couldn't resist!

It's a beautiful peachy coral and I think it works really well for my skin tone and my eye and hair colour. The gold over lay is quite chunky gold shimmer but it's still gorgeous with the colour and it's a real pity it wont last. I really like it, it's along the lines of my favourite blush which is Melba.

I swatched this palette ages ago in Blackrock and when I saw it in duty free I really wanted to try it out.

It's got 12 eyeshadows and 4 cream eyeshadows. They are nicely pigmented and really wearable. And I have some nice colours to play with.

This next item was a complete whim, I wanted something new and pretty so I decided to splurge for a lipgloss from YSL

It's No.19 Golden Petal, it's a gorgeous colour! Really love it!

My the Balm bronzer broke when in transit so I needed a new one, I had heard Guerlain bronzers were really good so i saw this and decided to try it and I love it! They are gorgeous!

An in depth review is coming for all of these products! So watch out :)

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