Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goodies :)

I went to london friday and came back on sunday evening I had a brilliant time.
on friday I went to Oliver and it was amazing!!! Such a good cast and the music is brilliant!
Then on saturday I met up with my uncle and had a good laugh! and after we went to another show called Every Good Boy Deserves Favour and I really didn't like it! I thought it made a mockery of a serious subject and I thought the people who attended it we absolute idiots who went to plays like that to seem cool and interesting. Maybe Im wrong but I really didn't enjoy it.

All in all it was a great trip and I got got a good goodies so here they are :)

Other bits not pictured below:
4 thigs on the left:
Face scrub back up
Barry m lipgloss
L'oreil Primer (brilliant)
St Ives wipes.

Barry M nail polish in Bright Red really nice colour!

Studio finish Nc20
Fix+ watermelon scent i think its nice.
A back up of my eyeliner. I love it!!
Solstice gorgeous i love this!!
Muse nail polish gorgeous colour really opaque.
Sealing gel, i think i got a bad reaction from it but i still have to test it.
My favourite cream. so moisturising.
Really cool nail polish. so glad i was able to get it!
Top column: Barry M Lip gloss in 4 (strawberry i think)
Barry M 23
UD ruthless
Bourjois bronzer
Next colour: Natural collection - rose petal
Urban Decay - Ruthless. I love this shadow!!!
Eyeliner good staple.
Barry M no 23 Purple black. really cool.
Bourjois bronzer, it's nice.
Natural collection rose petal. It's ok, worth £2
I love this film!!

Ok so if you don't know me Im a HP geek.

I really like this ring. and it was £1.50
I love giraffes and I got this for 70p!!! Brilliant.

So true I had to get it!
Really cute undies.
Tiger socks. Cute.

Muji hair tie, these are brilliant but expensive, and another drawer which are so handy!
Strawberry fields forever. Amazing!!
Christmas eve. This smells like my favourite soap that got discontinued :(
Creamy candy bar. My favourite scent!

As I spend £20 I got these things free

Flosty Gritter. American Cream yummy!!!!
So white. amazing I love this scent.
Honey Bee. again I really like the scent.
Supernova bath bomb. it smells nice and light

I bought everything with my own money unless stated what i got for free.


  1. Love the red ring - I have it in blue!
    & I agree- flosty gritter smells amazing!

  2. Great haul! I've heard good things about that Urban Decay eyeshadow before, I might have to invest!


  3. Fantastic haul, so much goodness. I have Solstic too and love it, i'm always tempted by Illamnasqua's nail polishes because they look so beautiful but i just cant justify the price when i can get such similar gorgeous shades from Barry M. That Time-Turner necklace is just beautiful!

  4. Thank you all!

    Lillian, I know what you mean I think I will always go back to Barry M in the end! It's a great company!

    Emerald Green, I do think it's worth it, it is brilliant for a smokey eye!! And a really nice neutral colour.

  5. Hey :) Just wondering where you got the HP timeturner necklace and the ring? thanks x