Friday, June 5, 2009

My opinion of the Style Warrior Collection

I went into my MAC on the opening day and it was mad, lots of people were having their make up done and nearly all the products were gone so i couldn't swatch any of them, but thanks to YouTube i was able to decipher what i wanted and i wanted one lipstick and one lipglass and to check out the solar bits. 

I didn't want any lustredrops or leg spray or bronzer or any eyeshadow.

I swatched the Solar Bits and they weren't very impressive. Im sure they are lovely wet but I wasn't bothered. 

I asked the girl for Sunsational and Gold Rebel and of course, she didn't listen and asked me at least three times what I wanted, but eventually i got my products and they are gorgeous, they are very unique. 

(Little rant)I am disappointed with the people at MAC they ignore you and aren't very helpful. I have seen a glimmer of niceness in a couple of staff but the rest don't know the brand at all! It annoys me very much. 
Over all, the collection didn't amaze me and the boxes are the nicest design of the collection, but a few of the products give you the most gorgeous bronzed affect, they are worth it. 

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