Friday, June 11, 2010

A Fox Inspired Tutorial

I have been watching Springwatch for the last week or two and I have watched spring and autumn watch last year also. I think it is a brilliant programme extremely fascinating. So i have decided to do a spring watch series and the first animal up is : The Fox!

I love foxes I think they are beautiful little creatures (even though the recent news involving a fox was terrible) I love seeing them around where I live so if you would like to see the tutorial go here!

Hope you enjoy :D



  1. This is beautiful, i really do see the fox influence.
    I love foxes too, i see them running around my neighboruhood everynight when i walk my dogs, there's something so special about having such big, wild animals living in a big city.
    Personally i find the recent news very suspicious. Foxes basically NEVER attack people. If it was really hungry i could understand it attacking a baby that had been left out in the garden, but breaking into the house, bypassing the kitchen where all the food would be, going upstairs and attacking children in their cot completely unprovoked...that just seems really odd to me.

  2. Thanks Lillian!!
    I agree with you totally foxes don't like people.
    I would say your theory is definitely correct!