Friday, April 2, 2010

My NARS experience in Brown Thomas, Dublin

I preamble to the NARS counter and ask "Could you match me for NARS sheer glow" and she replies "Yeah but it will take 15 minutes though" so I agreed.

She sat me down and said she needed to take off my non existent makeup to check my skin and she said have I used NARS products before and I said no so she told me the history which I know as I do my research. Then she gave me this spiel about NARS's skin care being amazing.

So first she used a cleanser which was grand then she proceeded to use a liquid exfoliator which I thought was a bit much and then she put on a really thick moisturiser and lots of it, it just felt like a thick layer, which she didn't blend properly. Then applied a primer.Then applied Mont Blonc foundation, concealerand then Copa Cobana as a highlight, then orgasm blush and then a powder.

Now I asked for none of this I asked for a colour match and I got a load of crap on my face. Ok granted I could have said no to the 15 minute application but I didn't know what it in tailed. I just felt really awkward to leave without buying the 39 euro foundation. And to be honest I didn't know whether I wanted the foundation as I didn't know what was the true nature of it so I asked for a sample and she said she couldn't give me one. I really wanted one as there was so much crap on my face that I didn't even know if it was good.
My face looked really greasy and I don't know whether that was the moisturiser or the foundation.

It's really expensive and I don't want to waste my money on something that doesn't work for me. I don't really know what to do but I know I wont get help from my local counter!


  1. Maybe email NARS customer services? It's obviously going to be difficult for you to tell whether that foundation works with your existing skincare if she's put a load of new stuff on you, how annoying!


  2. I feel for you, NARS counter in there is absolutely useless. Just like the rest of the staff. Snobby, uptight bitches, who don't have a clue about the shit they're selling


  3. Oh dear - that woman sounds like an idiot. Try going on a different day or at a different time and try not to get a crazy lady. Be firm too - say you just want the foundation and don't mind her cleansing your skin to match it but that's it. Sales Assistants will try and link-sale anything...

  4. WHAT!? Go to the dumb counter and put that crap on yourself, if she asked if you need help just say no. Those ladies will do anything to try to sell it to you and keeping you there longer gives her a better chance of selling it to you...Ugh, she seems annoying. You just have to think of it this way, if she can think she can get by by being a snobby "saleslady" who wastes your time, you can be a snobby buyer and save yourself all that time. Go to the counter, rub that crap on your hands, and see which one matches, even ask for a blending sponge or something, they have those...or they should, and put it on your face yourself. If she says you're doing something wrong, just tell her that you will be speaking with a manager...or go to Sephora! lol