Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Makeup/Beauty Storage

So I have been slacking with this blog so I thought id share my storage ideas as I really like my set up so I hope you like the post. :D

So this is my desk where my makeup distracts me!

This is the top of a shoe box and I keep all my skin care, nail varnish brushes and general beauty related apparel.

In my three stack Muji drawers, the first drawer is my face products; primers concealers and foundation.

The second is eyeliners and my mascara.

The third is all lip products.

In the silver stack the first drawer is pallets.

The second is all eyeshadow and bases.

Third is face powders; blush, beauty powders, bronzers.
Then there is primers and other misc items.

The fourth is all misc. I have eyelashes and back ups and moisturisers.

In my chest of drawers I keep all my lush stuff.

I keep all the lush in bags.

Then in my wardrobe I keep my hair care and other beauty products in shoeboxes.

So I hope this was a little helpful!

Thanks Pxx


  1. Great stuff! And is that a Harry Potter Time Turner i spy? :)

  2. Haha it is! It has prime place next to my makeup :P

  3. Woah. I love your ideas, and you've really inspired me. My makeup is usually all over the place, but I now love putting it all away, in neat little compartments.