Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Skin.

So recently my skin just isn't the way I want it. I have very dry skin and when I was younger I had pimples and never took propler care of them that has left me with uneven skin on my forhead and scaring. I know that Egyptian Magic works for some people and the only other scar treatment I know is Bio oil, but the word oil freaks me out!

I have recently have tried out the Veet hair removal strips for your face as I hate plucking the skin in between my brows. Well I didn't heat the strips right or something so I basically ripped some skin off and it has just made it more uneven and broken and red so it really looks great :(

I use at the moment a peach scrub (not st.ives) and I use Clean and Clear deep cleaning cream for the night and I use my tea tree toner and L'occitaine ultra rich face cream (which I love!)

I hate that I have dry skin as my foundation and concealer looks bad when I put on foundation.

I am thinking of trying Clinique clarifying lotion but I don't know wether to get it for very dry to dry or dry combination skin. And I also wanted to try the makeup remover for eyes lashes and lips. I may in time get the dramatically different moisturiser.

But for now I just have to take better care of my skin :/

I hope I can



  1. Eeek the wax thing sounds so painful! Poor you! I hope your skin feels better soon! x

  2. Thank you Lillian. It wasn't actually painful but it looked awful!

    It's all better now though yay!